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    ES28/ES20 CNC lathe with inclined bed

    Main technical parameters

    Parameter table
    ES28 ES20
    Maximum turning diameter on bed mm Φ 320 Φ 320
    Maximum turning diameter of the carriage mm Φ 140 Φ 140
    Maximum Z-direction travel mm 280 280
    Maximum X-direction travel mm 480 480
    Fast moving speed m/min X:18 Z:30 X:18 Z:30
    Diameter of spindle through hole mm Φ 48 Φ 37
    Spindle motor power kw 3.0 frequency conversion 3.0 frequency conversion
    Spindle speed rpm 3000 3000
    Cross sectional area of cutter bar mm 20*20 20*20
    Torque of motor in X direction and Z direction nm X:4 Z:4 X:4 Z:4
    Connection mode of x-direction and Z-direction motors Direct connection Direct connection
    Specification of x-direction and Z-direction screw rod X:2006 Z:2510 X:2006 Z:2510
    X-direction and Z-direction ball track specifications X:20 Z:25 X:20 Z:25
    Spring collet specification Φ 56 chuck / M48 tube Φ 44 chuck / M37 tube drawing
    Chuck specification (optional) mm
    Taper of tailstock sleeve mt
    Repeat positioning accuracy mm 0.003 0.003
    Positioning accuracy (machine tool accuracy) mm 0.01 0.01
    Cooling water pump power W 90 90
    Machine weight kg ≈1000 ≈1000
    Machine tool dimensions (L * w * h) mm ≈1360*1050*1520 ≈1360*1050*1520

    Main configuration

    Main configuration
    Beijing kaienti bus absolute value servo system (or Taiwan new generation)
    Resin sand casting (domestic)
    Spindle (made in China or Taiwan)
    Ball screw (made in China or Taiwan)
    Automatic lubrication system (made in China)
    Special bearing for screw rod (imported)
    Linear guide (Taiwan)
    Pneumatic clamping (or hydraulic clamping and chuck clamping)
    Four position electric turret + row turret
    Main motor (domestic four pole motor)
    Main electrical components (Schneider)
    High rigidity hard rail tailstock (manual / pneumatic / hydraulic optional)
    It can be selected according to the needs of users

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