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    Search After-sale support 400-1810-880

    CX52Y-500 Turn milling machine tool with inclined bed

    Main technical parameters

    Parameter table
    Maximum turning diameter on bed mm Φ 600
    Maximum machining diameter mm Φ 200
    Maximum Z-direction travel mm 500
    Maximum machining shaft length (chuck + tailstock) mm Within 450 (distance from chuck end face to turret end face)
    Maximum X-direction travel mm 150 (radius value)
    Maximum Y-direction travel mm 100( ± 50)
    Maximum speed m/min X:30 Z:30 Y:30
    Diameter of spindle through hole mm Φ 66 (optional) Φ 79)
    Nose type of spindle unit A2-6
    Hollow hydraulic rotary cylinder 852 (accessible) Φ Within 52 bar)
    Spindle motor power kw 7.5/11 servo motor
    Spindle speed rpm 4500
    Model of power turret 80-12T
    Square dimension of cylindrical cutter mm 25*25
    Boring tool bar dimensions mm Φ 32
    Specification of power tool holder BMT55
    Number of end cutterbed One 3
    Number of boring tool holders One 3
    Bmt55 power tool holder One 4 (2 at 90 degree, 2 at 0 degree)
    X, Z, y, B, turret motor torque nm 11NB 11N 11NB 8N 15N
    Connection mode of x-direction and Z-direction motors Direct connection
    Connection mode of Y-direction motor Synchronous belt
    X, Z, y and B screw rod specifications X:3210 Z:4010 Y:4010 B:3210
    Specifications of roller track in X, Z, y and B directions X:35 Z:45 Y:35 B:30
    Servo tailstock travel mm 430
    Diameter of tailstock sleeve mm Φ 70
    Taper of inner hole of tailstock sleeve mt NO.4
    Repeat positioning accuracy mm 0.003
    Positioning accuracy (machine tool accuracy) mm 0.01
    Chuck specification mm Φ 200 (8 inches)
    Cooling water pump power w 450 high pressure centrifugal pump
    Machine weight kg ≈4000
    Machine tool dimensions (L * w * h) mm About 2700 * 1880 * 2050 (excluding chip conveyor)

    Main configuration

    Main configuration
    Projects Brand Origin
    Numerical control system New generation 22tb Taiwan
    Bus servo driver New generation original Taiwan
    10. Z, y, b axis absolute value servo motor New generation original Taiwan
    Main servo motor (including magnetic ring encoder) New generation original Taiwan
    A2-6 spindle unit (4500 revolutions) SKF Bearing Sweden
    Track Yintai Taiwan
    Ball screw (grade C3) Yintai Taiwan
    Lead screw bearing NSK/NTN Japan
    Main electrical components Schneider Germany
    852 hollow rotary cylinder Bedford Domestic
    8-inch hollow hydraulic three jaw chuck Bedford Domestic
    2kW Taiwan spline pump hydraulic station Jingdun special Domestic
    Cooling water pump 450W Nork Taiwan investment
    Automatic lubrication pump (gear pump) Sheng Xiang Taiwan investment
    Inner guard Central / Hongwang Taiwan investment
    Screw coupling Hongwang Taiwan
    Y-axis lifting 80-12t power turret Lianchen Taiwan
    Power turret output motor and drive New generation original Taiwan
    Heat exchanger Jingwo Domestic
    Hand wheel Zhehong Domestic
    Foot switch Tiande Taiwan
    Switching power supply Mingwei Taiwan
    Button Congratulatory message Taiwan
    Hydraulic disc brake Dongpei Taiwan

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